NEW CWT 1640 Table

CWT is the new generation of working table and is mainly used for laminating foil and cutting materials, etc.

The benefits of the working table CWT
• The CWT is delivered to the customer in partial parts for safer transport
• The CWT is delivered so it is easy to move when needed and easy to install
• The CWT has a free space above the the roll
• The CWT has a linear guiding for moving the roll up and down, in order to reduce the risk of future air leaks.
• The push bottom is pneumatic (air-controlled)
• CWT is equipped with an ergonomic handle and a boom with extra low friction for smoother work
• The CWT has side pockets for materials and space for storage
• The CWT is equipped with reanyl plastic on top of the table
• The CWT has split tempered glass, which is safer and more durable in use
• The CWT has adjustable feet and wheels for sideways moving

Click HERE for a video of the CWT Table

For a Brochure on the CWT 1640 Table, click HERE 

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