The Equipment Guy is partnered with Questor Financial Group to provide you with an easy and affordable way to finance 100% of your used equipment purchase: Leasing.

While leasing isn’t right for everyone, it does offer several distinct advantages:

  • Conserve your cash and preserve lines of credit
  • Often no down payment necessary, easy-to-manage payments
  • Potential Income Tax Benefits
  • No Pre-Payment of Taxes
  • Tailored Payments

To start your lease application, or just to kick the tires: request a quote.

  • If we require additional information Lonnie Wright, our Leasing Specialist will contact you.
  • Once approved we will forward a email notification to you followed by the lease documentation.
  • Once the documentation is signed and returned to our leasing specialists your equipment order will be released.


At any stage in the process, please feel free to connect with our Leasing Representative, Lonnie Wright, at 416-795-2929,  or via email at I know Lonnie is happy to answer any and all questions you might have about leasing.