• Equipment

    New and used equipment

    In the market for a new piece of sign making equipment but don’t have the budget for new? Need to generate some quick cash by selling an underused machine.  Need a second backup…

    Whatever the reason, if you’re looking at a plotter, printer, laminator or screen print equipmentit’s here!.

  • Supplies

    Signmakers tools & Accessories

    Sign makers tools, banner hanging products, roll up stands, Olfa knives, safety rulers, cutting mats, tapes, grommets, squeegees, wrap tools…you name it, its in the catalogue!

    Call (844) 876-2132 Ext 301 for our Sign Making tools & Products

    Email to get an up to date price list!

  • Service

    Equipment service

    Need service, repair, refurbishing, installation, or preventative maintenance? Is it a software problem? Does your staff need training?

    You can rely on us for fast relief from all your printing equipment headaches.

    Call 844-876-2132, x115 or email service@tggraphics.ca